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 I strongly believe in providing continuous, holistic care and therefore I often bundle support for birth, postpartum, and lactation together. Each family is different so I will make adjustments that are specific to your needs.  I also strongly believe that everyone deserves support regardless of your circumstances. Please reach out to discuss your options! All packages include one free consultation before hire.

Birth Support - $2,400

I am taking a limited amount of birth clients for in person support in 2024. If you're interested please reach out and if I'm not able to work with you I can refer you to one of my amazing back ups.

  • Flexible email and phone support throughout pregnancy

  • 2-3 prenatal visits (in person or virtual, depending on circumstances) where we discuss your birth preferences, go over comfort measures, labor positions, plans for postpartum, and any other concerns you might have 

  • Assistance with writing your birth plan if desired

  • On call birth support 24/7 from the 38th week of pregnancy until baby arrives

  • Continuous in person support throughout the labor and birth, suggesting laboring positions, offering comfort measures, supporting/providing breaks for your partner, etc.

  • Photos and/or video of labor, birth, and postpartum if desired

  • Initial breastfeeding support after birth

  • Phone/text support in the days following birth

  • 1-2 postpartum visits to review birth, breastfeeding, and healing

  • Resources and referrals as needed and/or desired


Virtual Prenatal Consultations - $50/hour

This is ideal for someone who isn't looking for in person birth support, but would like guidance in preparing for your birth prenatally. Topics we can discuss can include but are not limited to discussing the best birth location and provider for your needs, how to prepare your mind and body for labor, nutrition in pregnancy, how to prepare for postpartum, etc. 

Postpartum Support - $200/visit, packages available

The birthing parent’s primary role during the postpartum period is to rest, recover, and bond with their newborn baby. Every service that I offer is meant to assist with that, in addition to helping the family transition into their new roles. 

  • Creates space for processing your birth and the transition to parenthood

  • Provides education for early newborn care and lactation

  • Assists with self care and recovery based on needs (healing teas, sitz baths)

  • Takes care of the baby while you rest/nap/recharge

  • Light household tasks and meal preparation

  • Assistance with lactation/pumping

  • Provide other referrals as needed (pediatricians, new parent support groups, activities to promote bonding with baby, pelvic floor therapists, IBCLCs, etc)

  • Closing ceremony for your birth, if desired
  • 3-4 hour shifts

Lactation Support - $60/hour (virtual or in person)

  • Takes a full history and assess a full feeding
  • Address questions about sore nipples, milk supply, feeding positions, latch, bottle feeding, pumping, etc.
  • Provides feeding plan to move forward
  • Follow up phone and email support as needed
  • Supply referrals as needed
  • In person visits typically last approximately 90 minutes- 2 hours